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Plating solutions

Plating SolutionsPlating Solutions is an internationally operating industrial and service providing organization. Our core activity is the high-grade treatment of metal components of the most critical branches of industry with hard chromium, nickel - hard chromium or by using laser cladding.

With our extensive experience in the field of large machinery parts, compositions and components, we are given recognition as market leaders. As an independent producer, we service our clients through an extensive network that stretches from Europe to the middle east, from Asia to South-Africa. The very high-quality nickel chromium coatings and laser treated components are used in every corporate branch in which expert surface treatments are necessary.

This process results in functional, sustainable and corrosion-resistant components, which are not only resistant to heavy mechanical burdening, but also against aggressive substances like salt, oils, chemicals and lubricants.


Plating Solutions disposes over innovative techniques like hard chromium plating, nickel hard chromium plating and laser cladding.
All mechanical pre-treatments and after treatments like honing, grinding and polishing will also be carried out in-house, exactly in accordance to the specifications and tolerances of the client.

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An advanced machine park allows us to apply surface treatments to machine and tools in all sizes. Measuring from small to extremely large.  On all kinds of metal and alloys. The emphasis is placed on round geometrics, like axles, bars, rods, cylinders, plungers, rollers, rings and pistons.


Plating Solutions is also a service-providing organization. If the client requires a technical solution, Plating Solutions will design it. Including the certification, classification and accompanying measuring reports, that are necessary in the critical and high-grade sectors of the international industry.


As of April 17, 2013 Plating Solutions is ISO 9001 certified for the treatment of metal components for the industry with hard chrome or nickel by laser cladding.

Plating SolutionIndustrial

Plating Solutions' clientele includes companies from the petrochemical industry, the steel industry, off shore companies, oil and gas companies, ship construction industry, dredging companies and heavy mechanical engineering companies.
Our clientele also includes the suppliers focused on these sectors, like the metal processing industry, engineering companies and industrial maintenance companies.


To learn more about Plating Solutions or want to use one of our services? Leave your details using the contact form and we will get back in touch with you.

Why Plating Solutions?
  • All treatments and adjustments under 1 roof
  • Including very large industrial components
  • Certification, validation and logistics
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