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Nickel hard chrome Dredging industry

The dredging industry is an industry in which products are extremely sensitive to wear. In particular due to the abrasive environment. The combination of sand and water greatly affects the service life and lifespan of your products. 

Protection by nickel hard chrome

To protect and optimize your components from the dredging industry, Plating Solutions applies a Nickel hard chrome Dredging industryfully sealed and extremely wear-resistant coating. The hard chrome layer with a hardness of about 1000 HV (Vickers Hardness) gives your product the right wear resistance, combined with the right lubrication properties and slide properties. 

Between the wear-proof hard chrome layer, we apply a layer of nickel. This helps fully utilize and protect the properties of the basic materials from exterior chemical influences. A great feature of nickel is that it is fully sealed at a thickness of just 35 um.

Components dredging industry

Your hydraulic cylinders, propeller blades, rods, pistons, pumps, pump axles, pump impellers, rings, flanges, gears, rotors, that are part of your dredging systems and dredging vessels, are given a long lifespan with this nickel hard chrome surface treatment.

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