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Laser Cladding

By the smelting of different metals on a macro level, Plating Solutions combines the characteristics of the 2 metals in the most optimal way. Maximal up-time and minimal cost-of-operation are the result.

By equipping a metal part for a machine or other type of tool with one or more coatings, the material characteristics of both metals are combined. By doing so, the base metal can support the part in resisting mechanical burdening, while the coating protects it against corrosion, erosion or aggressive substances.

In the process of laser cladding the coating is created by combining a very high-grade metal with the surface of your machine part, through the process of laser technology. This offers, accurately determined surface and material characteristics, due to which the machine part can live up to the most specific of demands.

laser clading

This technique is especially applied on heavy hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical systems in aggressive environments, like the oil and gas industry and the petrochemical industry. Laser cladding is also applied in the revision of parts that are under a lot of erosion, like axles in machines, tools and production lines.

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