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Hard chrome textile/leather industry

Within the textile and leather industry, machine parts are extremely sensitive to wear and corrosion. Modern fibers within the textile industry and high acidities within the leather processing industry greatly affect corrosion resistance and wear of machine parts. High speeds, moisture, high temperatures, varying temperatures, acidities etc are important elements that make machine parts wear and suffer from corrosion.

Hard chrome surface treatment

By giving your machine parts a hard chrome surface treatment, service life and lifespan of your machine parts will increase significantly, ass will their up-time. The cost-of-operation and machine downtime will drop significantly as an immediate result of this. The hard chrome coating with a hardness of about 1000 HV (Vickers Hardness), gives your machine part optimal wear resistance and corrosion resistance with the right surface structures. The production method applied, achieves extremely small tolerances in roundness, cylindricity, sway etc, which results in an optimal end product.

Components textile / leather industry

Hard chrome textile/leather industryYour cylinders, rollers, pressure rollers, transport rollers, axles, stub shafts, pins etc, which are part of your systems, are given a long lifespan and accurate operation with this hard chrome surface treatment. Plating Solutions is also your ideal partner for reconditioning and / or repairing your machine parts.

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